Team Management


Lake View HOA

"Team Management has been the Lake View Homeowners Association management company for many years. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Bill Wetter and his amazing staff as the President of the Board of Directors. The staff of Team Management immediately evaluated and prioritized the actions needed to position and maintain our association at the highest level. Numerous areas required prompt attention due to economic changes with in our community. The staff of Team Management showed excellent knowledge of the governing documents and a superior work ethic, which allowed them to correct the discrepancies and revisions in record time. From the first meeting with Bill it was evident that Team Management was a valuable asset to our organization. Their confidence and ability to communicate with individuals on different knowledge levels is instrumental in well-organized and highly productive phone calls, emails and face to face meetings. When unique situations arise they are available in an advisory position and ready to contribute in any capacity necessary to insure the correct decisions are made in the best interest of the association. They have not only maintained our records in a highly efficient manner, but have suggested innovative ways to cut expenses. With all of the company's outstanding attributes, the most important traits are its high degree of ethical standards and honesty above reproach. Truly, I can state that I would not be on the Board of Directors without Team Management on our team. In today’s business environment, it is rare to get what you pay for, but with Team Management cost plus is not uncommon. It is without reservation that I highly recommend Bill Wetter and the entire Team Management group for contractual consideration."

- Amy Woodbury

Oak Green Park HOA

"Thanks for all of your help in pulling out community back together. I feel very strongly that making the switch to Team Management was the best decision the Association has made."

- Stacie Vrooman

"Thanks for everything and doing such a great job with the community. Actually, Team Management has been the best company we have dealt with. I have been a home owner in this community for 4 years."

- Angela Smith

"Team Management has been doing an excellent job with managing the association and has helped us stabilize in regards to the management of our contracts, accounting, and planning. If you have not yet talked with Mitzi Vallely or any of the staff at Team, you have a pleasant experience awaiting you. We are all appreciative of their help."

- James Cook, President


Cedar Forks HOA

"Thank yoiu for getting the lights approved Bill. I can only imagine what it would have taken for anyone not involved in neighborhood management to accomplish this. It probably would not have happened. It is great that you have the background and experience to be able to know how to get this done. And yoiu also must have spent a lot of hours doing this too. It is much appreciated!"

- Kathy Krishon

Chattahoochee Chase

"You have been the absolute best! You are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in every way. I would have never been involved with the board if it had not been for you. There has not been one other property manager I would have even considered working with.

Thank you so much for everything you have done - and that's a lot."

- Susan Grissom, President

Deer Run HOA

"As I have gotten to know you over the past several years both as a Property Manager of the neighborhood that I live in, as well as a Manager for many of the communitities that my company services, I have learned that I can trust you to look after my best interest as a vendor for your company as well as the best interest of the homeowners in the communities that you manage."

- David Sizemore

Hampton Hall HOA

"I've found Team managment to be professional and consistent in managing our neighborhood. Bill's (Mr. Wetter's) personal attention has been a key factor in our successful relationship."

- Matt Curry

"Thank you too, for always letting me vent, and lending a helping hand when I need it. I hope you know that we long time residents (there not too many of us left!) of Hampton Hall really appreiciate all the hard work you do for your subdivision, and your continuted effort to make this one of the best subdivisions in Alpharetta."

- Wendy Fenner

Heritage Crest HOA


TEAM has been doing a great job repsonding to our many request / demands / concerns. Thank You! Heidi is a terrific representative for TEAM - good communicator, on top of uncooperative homewoners, helpful, quick to respond to emails and phone calls, and now that you point out all the extras, Heritage Crest has even more reasons to be grateful for the services you provide.

On a more personal level, I especially appreciate your being tolerant of my many questions. Besides wanting to understand how it all works, I want to be as informed as I can be so that we can better serve our homewoners and respond to their questions / demands / concerns more thoroughly."

- Tere R., VP

Terrell Trace HOA

"Bill, thanks for all of your assistance in the past few months with listening to our concerns and helping us to make this transition a seamless one with positive benefits for the Community."

- Ellen K. Bradley, President

Town Lake Hills South HOA

"During the past four years, I have served my community on our HOA Board of Directors, in more recent years as the President of our Association.

Of special notice, I would like to recognize Arlene Alvarez. The sacrifices I know she has made to make our crucial first years of member Board control successful is exemplary of a professional for any industry, bar none. Arlene intricately became a member of our community. Her patience in dealing with unreasonable members and dealings with complex contractual matters resulted in immediate and lasting improvement of our Association. Exceptional and comprehensive property management are qualities often mentioned when Arlene's name comes up. She embraced our community and our community embraced her, especially our Board of Directors.

Bill Wetter likewise implemented an aggressive covenants enforcement program. Regular inspection with comprehensive records and archives made it possible for us to bring our community standards to the levels we all expected when we selected a PUD for our families homes.

Carla has always been available to keep the group organized with records in order and communication flowing. Her exceptional personality in dealing with our Board and our members often made unpleasant tasks more tolerable just being herself.

Bill, as the Leader of Team Management, please accept my sincere gratitude for the services each of you has provided to our community and our Association. The hours spent in meetings, on phones, and searching for results have yielded a community that our members are proud to call home. Please accept, and likewise extend to Arlene & Carla my personal gratitude for the roles played in making these goals a reality for us."

- Daniel K. Samples

The Village at Rock Springs

"You are SUPER - your expertise will never be duplicated!"

- The Tekelys


"FYI...just one example of Team Managements quick response to an issue."

- Tom Page

Darlene Prisco

"Hello Bill Wetter,

Bill Snyder has been very kind to me and he listens to every concern that I share with him and he gets back to me so quickly.. Almost as quick as I hit "send" .. I get a reply back!

My family and I sleep better at night knowing that Bill is listening and taking action!

I do feel more comfortable and reassured by his words and actions!

Thank you for taking an active part in the solutions!!"

- Darlene Prisco

Suwanee Creek HOA

"Let Mitzi know that I am extremely happy with the job that she and TM are doing, and I know the rest of the Board is too.

My only regret in hiring TM is that we didn’t do it sooner."

- Jay Eidex, President

Chattahoochee Terrace HOA

"Bill, it has been my very great pleasure working with you. Your initiative and tenacity have accomplished a lot for CT. Please consider me a reference for future business. I will without reservation tell anyone who asks, that, were it not for Bill Wetter and the staff of Team Management, Chattahoochee Terrace HOA would never have become a POA. I consider that a feat of tremendous significance, especially after having been a part of two previous failed efforts at community wide covenant updating projects."

- Randy Roten, President