Team Management

Financial Management

Staff Accounting Responsibilities

  • Prepare Monthly Financial Statements
  • Prepare Monthly Bank Reconciliation's
  • Prepare Annual Income Tax Returns
  • Prepare Annual Budgets
  • Maintain Bank Signature Cards
  • Maintain 18 Months of Property Financial Records
  • Prepare Association Records for Annual Audits
  • Prepare Special Reports and Analyses for Clients
  • Liaison with Attorneys for Collection Activities
  • Respond to Client Accounting Concerns

Management Support Services

Financial Reports
  • Aging Report - Delinquencies or Credit Balances Only
  • Income Report - By Account Number or Transaction Date
  • Reconciliation Report - All Current Month Transactions
  • Adjustment Report - Current Charges or Credits Only
  • Homeowner Address Change Listing
  • Aging Report - All Accounts
  • Bank Reconciliation's
  • Balance Sheet - Assets & Liabilities & Equity
  • Summary Statement of Receipts and Disbursement
  • Detailed Statement of Receipts and Disbursements
  • General Ledger
  • Check Register
  • Journal Entries
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Reserve Journal Entries and Cash Transactions
Accounts Receivable Responsibilities
  • Prepare Individual Homeowner Billings
  • Deposit Homeowner Checks
  • Deposit Developer Checks
  • Maintain Individual Account Histories/Ledgers
  • Prepare Duplicate Manual Statement, if requested
  • Process Address Changes
  • Process Special Assessment Fees to Individual Accounts for Violation Fees
  • Process Miscellaneous Income (gate card, key fees, clubhouse rental fees)
Accounts Payable Responsibilities
  • Pay all Association Invoices after approval by Property Manager
  • Maintain Payables Files, Organized by Month, for each Property
  • Maintain Property Daily Bank Balances
  • Maintain Property Checking Accounts
  • Research Past Due Balances on Invoices from Vendors
Data Processing Responsiblities
  • Prepare Property Assessment Statements
  • Place Messages on Statement as Directed by Manager
  • Prepare Individual Descriptions of Assessed Fees
  • Prepare special Programs and Reports for Properties